Frank-ly Speaking, The Perfect Scenario

Frank Thomas, the greatest hitter in White Sox history, has been mending fences with the team as he’s on the verge of ending his 19-year major league career. It was a remarkable career (if it is indeed over) in which he compiled a .301 lifetime batting average, 521 home runs, 1704 RBI, a .419 on base percentage, 2 MVPs, a batting title and a World Series ring.

There is little doubt in my mind that Frank will be honored in Cooperstown, hopefully on the first ballot, and his refusal to take PEDs will only accelerate his election. But what can the White Sox do–now that it looks like The Big Hurt is back in the good graces of the ballclub– to honor the franchise’s premier slugger? Here’s a thought. And if I know the Sox marketing whizzes they are thinking of something similar.

The White Sox should activate Frank when the rosters expand in September so he ends his career where he began. There should also be a Frank Thomas Day, a day in which he sees his No. 35 retired, with plans in the future to add his likeness to the left field wall and to erect a statue alongside the other Sox legends.

Whatever problems the Sox have had with Frank and he has had with them should be put aside in the name of history. Frank Thomas’s monumental impact on the South Side should be celebrated–and sooner than later.


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