5 Things to Ponder Heading into the All-Star Break

Food for thought for White Sox fans:

1. “Q” — What will be the fate of Carlos Quentin in the season’s second half? Will he come back at all? If he does, will he be the player he was a year ago before the freak injury? If he comes back as the dangerous hitter we all know and love, winning the division will be a whole lot easier.

2. Pods and the Kids —
Will Pods continue his Superman act? Will Beckham, Getz and Nix continue to approve as we expect? The four of them will be key factors down the stretch as they beautifully balance the lineup with their speed and energy.

3. What is up Kenny Williams sleeve? — We all know he works 24/7 to make the Sox better–the reason he is one of the best general managers in the game. Will he pull off a big deal? Will he bring up a phenom or two from Charlotte or Birmingham? Will he make a so-called minor trade like he did recently with Tony Pena or with Geoff Blum in ’05? Stay tuned, because what he does could have a huge effect on our fortunes.

4. The Schedule — It’s probably best for all of us to take one game at a time because we have a tough second-half schedule ahead of us. If we stay in the middle of things until then, the 11-game road stretch from August 24 thru September 3 when we play Boston, New York, Minnesota and the makeup game against the Cubs could tell the tale. After that, we come home for a four-game wrap-around series against the Red Sox. Like I said, let’s take one game at a time.

5. Fields, Anderson, Wise — If “Q” comes back somebody has to go. Who will it be? Word is that Ozzie might want to keep both Anderson and Wise to have the flexibility to spell Quentin in the late innings. But who will be the first base backup if Fields is gone? Nix? There are undoubtedly other options that Williams and the Sox brass are discussing.

Enjoy the break and let’s look forward to the Baltimore series next weekend.


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