Best Part of Last Night? It was a Team Effort

It was a terrific start to the second half at the Cell last night. Apart from Linebrink and Thornton giving up five runs in their two innings of work, which I suppose could be expected after the All-Star layoff, there wasn’t much to be unhappy about. Well, Wise’s 0-for-5 wasn’t exactly stellar and we did make a couple of errors, but those were blips in the big picture.

The story really can be told by looking at the box score. Thome’s two homers and record seven RBI was certainly the highlight, but it was a real team effort offensively with the 12 runs and 13 hits. It’s something that we’ve come to expect recently–and will need down the stretch. 
Look at this: 
–Pods was 3-for-3, scored three runs and walked twice
–Alexei came through with two sacrifice flies and a walk
–Dye had a hit, an RBI and a walk 
–Thome blasted the grand slam, added a three-run shot with 7 RBI and walked to boot
–Konerko connected for two hits, including a homer 
–AJ contributed to the attack with a base hit. 
–Getz knocked out two hits and walked 
–Beckham had two hits, scored two runs, drew a walk and drove in a run
Let’s do it again tonight.

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