Broom Deprived

My maiden 2009 voyage to the Cell was far from what I had hoped with the 10-2 drubbing by the O’s–which wiped out the prospect of a sweep. That said, after living among Yankee, Red Sox and Met fans in the New York area, it was a pleasure to be with my peeps–more than 32,000 of them. And, of course, we did win two out of three.

Now we see where the Sox are in the big picture with the next 18 games against the Rays (4 at home), Tigers (4 on the road), Twins (3 on the road), Yankees (4 at home) and Angels (3 at home).
My mantra? Take one game at a time or else the thought is too overwhelming.
Note of the day: A lot of buzz on Chicago sports talk radio about including Beckham in a trade for Roy Halladay. Doc would look great in a Sox uniform, but GBeck is a special player. It’s so tempting to consider it, especially with the schedule in front of us, but it would hurt to lose The Natural.


  1. raysfanboy

    Do the deal. Beckham is not that exceptional. Not that he’s bad, but you guys have others in your minors that can take his place. There is only one Halladay. And with the Tigers and Twins playing good ball, you need something to separate yourselves from them.

    Big series for both the Rays and Sox tonight. We’ve made a little run to get within 4 1/2 games of first, while you guys are holding strong to second place. I’m looking forward to seeing Price and Floyd tonight.


    Don’t do the deal. Halladay is a great pitcher, but I see Beckham as the future of this team. I think it would be a big mistake.

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