Who is Carlos Torres and Can He Make Us Forget About Last Night?

We all know by now that John Danks will miss his regular start tonight because of a blister and subsequent circulatory problems. The hope is that it’s not serious and he’ll be ready for his next turn.

To the rescue is 26-year-old righthander Carlos Torres. He has virtually come out of nowhere to lead the International League with a 2.20 ERA and to rank second in K’s (96) along with eight wins and a nod to pitch in the AAA All-Star Game. The 2004 15th round pick out of Kansas State was promoted yesterday from Charlotte, replacing Aaron Poreda on the 25-man roster.
Truth is, after last night’s blown opportunity to take two in a row from the Rays, we need Mr. Torres to pitch well tonight and give us a chance to win. He doesn’t have to do a Roy Halladay imitation, he just has to do well enough to give the offense and a rested bullpen the chance to redeem themselves.
Note of the Day: Another three-hit game for Gordon “The Natural” Beckham. His average is up to .304 despite the disappointing start. Rookie of the Year?

One comment

  1. raysfanboy

    Both the Rays and Sox will have well-rested bullpens, so I don’t see Torres going long tonight–unless he is ON. Shields will only go 8 if the game is close. It could be 5-4 Sox, and Shields will stay in there. I can see Guillen going to his pen early because you guys have some really good relievers down there.

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