Motown Meltdown

What began as a golden opportunity for the Sox to secure first place in the AL Central has turned into a nightmare. The promise of overtaking the Tigers in this weekend’s four-game series at Comerica is gone. The Sox were sitting in a virtual tie for first place yesterday, but the best they can do now is salvage the finale tomorrow night on national TV and leave Motown two games back. 

If last night’s doubleheader loss to the Tigers weren’t bad enough, the Sox rode another Bobby Jenks blown save to yet another defeat this afternoon. To make it sting a little more, Jenks was a strike away from ending the game before giving up the game-tying double to Curtis Granderson in the ninth.
While our post-All-Star Game performance has been encouraging, enough to warrant real hope for a division title, we have a huge problem if the bullpen doesn’t improve. Last night Thornton walks in the winning run. Today, Jenks gives up the tying run in the ninth, allowing three hits (following a blown save and a near blown save earlier in the week) and Carrasco has a meltdown in the 10th, also giving up three hits and a run including the game-winning single to Carlos Guillen.
Whatever happens tomorrow night, and let’s hope we can get the win, our grueling schedule continues. We’re on to the Twinkiedome for three before a four-game set at home with the Yankees. Frankly, I’d rather have a root canal.

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