7 Keys to Beating the Twins

Last night’s win in Detroit on ESPN was, more than anything, a big relief.  Two games behind the Tigers heading into Minnesota is much different than four.

What can you say about Clayton Richard? Two impressive eight-inning performances in a row. It now appears that Colon, after his fine start on Friday, is the fifth starter with Richard heading to the pen as the second lefty. That’s a tough call for Ozzie with Richard pitching so well, but it certainly could change depending on what Bartolo does in his next start or two.

Escaping Motown with the one victory, the Sox now head to the Twinkiedome hoping to reverse their recent fortunes.

Here’s one man’s keys for the Sox handling the Twins in the “House of Horrors.”

1.  Pretend you’re somewhere else —  It’s next to impossible with the turf, the white roof and baggies, but why not try?

2.  Keep Mauer and Morneau in check — Very hard to do, but we did a pretty good job the last time we were there.

3.  Stifle the Piranhas —
Span, Gomez, Punto, etc. can be deadly. Keeping them off the bases is a must.

4.  Beat Nathan — He’s been so tough on us. Wouldn’t it be nice to help him blow a couple of saves?

5.  Avoid mistakes
— The Sox need to stay away from errors, both mental and physical.

6.  The bullpen needs to step up —  The pen hasn’t been pretty as of late, but now’s the time to return to form.

7. Obviously we need to score runs — This isn’t my biggest concern, but we need to take advantage of runners in scoring position and a few home runs wouldn’t hurt the cause

Let’s do it.


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