It’s the Same Old Song…

Sox vs. Twins in the Twinkiedome. Sox take a 1-0 lead on Beckham’s homer, implode with two costly errors in the second and fall behind 2-1. Konerko’s two-run bomb gives the Sox a 3-2 advantage in the third. Cuddyer’s two-run blast in the sixth gives the Twins the lead for good at 4-3. And Perkins, Guerrier and Sox-killer Nathan post a win, hold and save, respectively.

Does all of this sound familiar?

Another disaster in Minny and very hard to watch. There’s always one inning or one play or one bizarre incident–or all three–when we play there. Last night it was the second inning, then AJ yelling at Alexei presumably over a throw to second and Ozzie getting hot over the confrontation, kicking a tub of bubble gum onto the field.

So how did yesterday’s 7 Keys to Beating the Twins hold up?

*Pretend you’re somewhere else —
There was no question we were at the Twinkiedome.

*Keep Mauer and Morneau in check — We did a great job on Mauer, who went 0-for-4. Morneau only got a single, but was on base for Cuddyer’s big blow in the sixth. By the way, Cuddyer needs to be added to the “keep in check” list. He’s hurt us many times.

*Stifle the Piranhas —
Harris, Gomez, Punto and Casilla were all right in the middle of the error-plagued second inning. Gomez’s hard takeout of Nix at second was a key play in the game.

*Beat Nathan —  Not last night. I just hope it’ll happen again in my lifetime.

*Avoid mistakes — No comment. The game speaks for itself.

*The bullpen needs to step up — Linebrink pitched a perfect eighth, but we couldn’t do anything offensively in the ninth.

*Obviously we need to score runs —  We got off to a good start, but didn’t score the last six innings. One thing to note is that we hit Perkins hard, but it seemed it was always at somebody–especially in the case of Quentin. The good news is that CQ looks like he’s close to breaking through.

The Sox, and all of us, will go at it again tonight. Just remember, only five more games in the House of Horrors–forever.


One comment

  1. 15thtee

    well, ya have Buehrle going tonight. Baker is 6-1 since the beginning of June though. Just hope the bats come alive against the wind(air conditioning) at the HomerDome!

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