Buehrle and Some Random Sox Thoughts…

Last night’s game ended like most recent Sox-Twins game at the Twinkiedome, but Mark Buehrle’s performance took some of the sting (I said some of the sting) out of the disappointing 5-3 loss. He retired the first 17 batters he faced and set a major league record by retiring 45 consecutive batters dating back to July 18 vs the Orioles. The previous record of 41 was held by teammate Bobby Jenks and the Giants’ Jim Barr.

I won’t dwell on the details of the defeat–I’m told it’s not healthy. Instead I’ll share a few random Sox thoughts:

* Even though the loss drops us into a dead-heat with the Twins for second place, we remain only two back of first as the Tigers lose again.

* So Josh Fields, optioned to Charlotte, is the odd man out to make room for Mark Kotsay. It was the right thing to do, but unfortunate in that two past Sox No. 1 choices bit the dust yesterday–Josh and Brian Anderson, who was moved out of the organization completely and traded to Boston.

* We’ve got to get Quentin going. He’s shown some signs of coming to life, but the balls aren’t dropping in. We really need him.

* Tonight’s series finale feels like last Sunday night–a game we have to have. The four at the Cell beginning Thursday against the Yanks looms large. It would be nice to salvage one heading home.

* You’ve got to give it up for the Twins fans. Last night, after Buehle’s bid for his second straight perfecto was spoiled in the 6th inning by the walk to Alexei Casilla, Mark got a standing ovation. He got another one when he left the game.


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