Back in the Day…

Back in the day–more specifically, a week ago today–the Sox and their fans were riding high for a number of reasons:

* President Obama had just gotten the often-ignored White Sox national exposure by wearing a Sox jacket as he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the All-Star Game.

* By mid-afternoon last Thursday, word spread that Mark Buehrle had pitched his perfect game and he ultimately became a national sensation from the evening news to Letterman to the cover of SI.

*  The 5-0 victory that day, which gave the Sox a 3-out-of-4 series victory against the defending AL champion Rays, lifted the them into a virtual tie into first place with the Tigers in the AL Central.

So, all of that and some inspired play, gave Sox fans some confidence heading into Detroit and Minnesota before returning to play the red-hot Yankees and Angels at home.

But it was not to be and a week later, after a 1-6 road trip, we find ourselves in a tough situation with the brutal schedule ahead–and in third place three games back. To make matters worse, Alexei sprained his ankle last night (x-rays today) and Ozzie had some not-so-positive things to say about the state of Carlos Quentin’s health.

Obviously, a respectable performance during this homestand is vital if the Sox are to stay in the race. Looking at the situation from a glass half-full perspective, I’m hoping that returning to the Cell will help and we can rise to the challenge of playing arguably the two hottest teams in the league.


One comment

  1. lilmatt

    This is awful. Not only did we go 1-6 in a KEY point in the schedule, we now have injuries to key players. I hope that the news is good on Quentin and Ramirez, but last night did not look good. We went from tied for 1st with a chance to be in 1st, to sitting in 3rd behind the stinking Twins. Now we have to play the Yankees and Angels. Ugh.

    –On a positive note we don’t have to face Cliff Lee as much anymore and we only have to play three more games in that blasted Metrodome EVER.

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