A Wise Decision

When Carlos Quentin was activated from the DL recently, the big question was: Who will be the odd man out?  The most likely candidates, of course, were Dewayne Wise and Brian Anderson.

A mini-controversy arose when the Sox brass made the decision to keep Wise over Anderson despite the former’s batting average being below the Mendoza line. There was outrage among White Sox World, even ridiculous accusations of the club being racist.

My take was and is that the Sox made the right call. BA had enough chances with
the Sox and needed a fresh start. While DWise’s batting average isn’t
what we’d like, he’s a battler and proved last year he can make an

So how has the move worked out so far? Since the decision was made, Wise made one of the greatest catches in baseball history to save Mark Buehrle’s perfect game and then last night singled in the game-winner in the bottom of the ninth to beat the mighty Yankees at the Cell.

The irony of this story is that some of the criticism regarding the choice of Wise over Anderson was that BA is so superior defensively. Now that Wise’s glove is going to be in the Hall of Fame as a result of saving the perfecto, it’s safe to say he can hold his own in the outfield–don’t you think?

Note of the day:  As a life-long Sox fan living in New York for about 35 years, I’ve taken my share of ribbing. Oh, you’re from Chicago, you must be a Cubs fan. Oh, you’re a Sox fan, how about those Red Sox? Ugh. But the real ribbing has come when the Yankees have beaten up on the Pale Hose. So last night’s win was very sweet. I don’t even want to think about what today would have been like for me if we hadn’t rebounded from the Swisher homer. Thanks to DWise for his clutch hit, Gavin for his gem and AJ for his hard slide.


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