KW: “We are here to dream and dream big”

Those words uttered by Kenny Williams yesterday should be all we need to hear. It’s a philosophy of a GM who will do anything to win. 
There are certainly legitimate questions about the Peavy deal and giving up the four pitchers for someone who won’t be in the rotation until the end of August at the earliest. But when a pitcher of Peavy’s Cy Young caliber is there for the taking, take him. As Williams also said, “To get a No. 1, you have to pay the price. We paid that price.” 
And it doesn’t escape anyone that next year’s rotation of Buehrle, Peavy, Danks and Floyd has the potential of being one of the very best in the game.
Our very own piranhas

If I didn’t know any better I would have thought I was watching the Twins playing at the Dome last night. In the seventh inning against the Yanks, with the Sox holding a slim 6-5 advantage, Chris Getz blooped a two-out single with the bases loaded, scoring Paulie and AJ and giving the Sox some much needed insurance. Then, with Getz at first and Jayson Nix at third, the South Siders pulled off a double steal. Getz was safe at second and Nix scored, beating Derek Jeter’s throw to the plate. Pods proceeded to smash a single off of Mark Teixeira making it 10-5, the final score.
What a beautiful sight and proof positive that the once homer-happy Sox are becoming a well-balanced attack.
Note of the day: We can’t ignore the performances last night of Quentin and AJ. As has been repeated over and over, we need Q back to his ’08 form. He showed it on Friday. And AJ’s four-hit night brought his season batting average to .311.

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