Errors, Just Like Hits and Runs….

When you’re a kid learning the nuances of baseball, some things make an indelible impression.

For me, as a White Sox fan growing up in the Chicago area in the l950s, I gathered a lot of information from local broadcasters such as Jack Brickhouse and “The Commander” Bob Elson. For the record, both are in the broadcasters “wing” of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
Elson, the long-time radio voice of the Sox, didn’t exactly capture a child’s imagination. He spoke in monotone, really didn’t add a whole lot of technical expertise and as a typical hometown announcer offered very little criticism.
For instance, when the Sox would be victimized by bad defense his standard line was: “Errors, just like hits and runs, are all part of this great game of baseball.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about Elson’s unique way of expressing poor play in the field as the Sox have been plagued by a porous defense. At this point in time they hold the dubious distinction of leading the AL in errors.
I look at the players we put on the field and I don’t see the league’s worst, but lately it’s become a huge problem and certainly will be a factor in our quest for he division title. Ozzie said this after last night’s disappointing 6-2 loss to the Indians, which included three Sox miscues:  “I say I never will criticize my players for making errors, but when you see more errors than hits, something is wrong.”

Ironically, despite the defensive woes, the Sox set a club record and tied an AL mark last night by turning six double plays–all via the grounder.

Off the Mark

Since Mark Buehrle retired a record 45 consecutive batters, he has given up 17 earned runs and 27 hits in 12 2/3 innings. It’s certainly unexpected and not happening at a great time, but there’s no cause for alarm. Buehrle has gone through these slumps before and hopefully it’s just a matter of time before he finds himself again.
Carlos Torres Part II

Carlos Torres takes the hill today in his second major league start. He’ll face Justin Masterson, just acquired by the Tribe from the Red Sox in the Victor Martinez deal.
On July 22 against the Rays, Torres gave up three runs on six hits in an impressive six-inning outing. The Sox won, but Torres wasn’t around to get the decision.


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