A Good Win (Is there really such a thing as a bad win?)

In baseball, as in life, it’s all about recovery. To state the obvious, every team is going to find itself behind during the course of a game–sometimes by multiple runs. What matters, though, is if the club rebounds. That alone will tell you a lot about the ballclub. 
Last night against the Indians, the Sox found themselves trailing 5-1 entering the bottom of the fifh. If you were looking at the glass half-empty, it sure seemed that the Sox were on their way to their third straight loss and second in a row against the Tribe. Then, the offense took over and via a Thome two-run blast and a Quentin two-run double, the score was knotted at 5. In the next inning, Beckham’s sac fly put the South Siders ahead for good as the bullpen excelled en route to the 8-5 triumph–a win that enabled the Sox to creep within two games of the Tigers.
I’d like to think it’s a sign of things to come.
Some other thoughts on a Sunday morning:

*  Regardless of the outcome of this year’s stretch drive, it’s a nice to know that guys like Beckham and Getz are part of the Sox future. Speaking of GBeck, his 40 RBI in his first 52 major league games (201 at bats) is remarkable.

*  Jake Peavy is scheduled to pitch for Charlotte on Thursday. Crossing my fingers that his rehab is successful and he will be on the mound for the Sox in Yankee Stadium on August 28.

*  A Sox fan of note wanted me give a shout-out to DJ Carrasco. No, not only for his fine performance last night, but for the old-school way he wears his stirrup socks. And were those high-top shoes he was wearing? Chalk it up for the old guys.

* Sox immortal Shoeless Joe Jackson has been shunned by the Baseball Hall of Fame for his role in the 1919 Black Sox scandal, but he hasn’t been forgotten by his hometown of Greenville, SC. If you’re ever in the Greenville area, make sure you visit The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library. It’s open 10am-2pm on Saturdays or by appointment.

*My “best friend” Happy, who’s by my side for every Sox game, is recovering nicely from surgery. We’ll both be in front of the tube this afternoon hoping for a series win against the Tribe.


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