A Very Selective Bucket List

SI.com, as part of a feature story on sports bucket lists, has polled SI writers and is asking its readers to post their own personal wish lists.

I’ve been lucky. Among my experiences have been trips to World Series, Super Bowls, NBA Finals, Final Fours, the Rose Bowl and Olympic Games–most of them as part of my job.

That said, had I actually put together a sports bucket list none of those would have been included. The one and only event that has really mattered to me through the years is witnessing the White Sox win the World Series. I was fortunate enough to be at every home playoff game in 2005, including the first Series game against the Astros with my then-82-year-old father. And thanks to my good friend and great Sox fan Kevin Sullivan, I was at the White House in February 2006 when the President celebrated our World Champs.

While others have a long list to pursue, luckily I was able to achieve my one wish. But, hopefully, I have many more years left in me and the Sox will have many more opportunities to do it again. So I’m going to keep my one-item list alive.


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