AJ: “It was nice to finally get a game like that. We hadn’t won a game like that in a long time, so it was nice to get it done.”

Although it doesn’t take a genius to recognize it, AJ Pierzynski’s sentiments were my first thoughts last night after Alexei’s monumental ninth inning homer–a blast which dramatically turned the tide in the South Siders’ 3-1 victory.

I really can’t remember the last time it happened for us so spectacularly and in a key situation. If the Sox hadn’t come back in this game, we would have lost our third in a row with Felix Hernandez on the hill for the Mariners tonight. We would also have lost the chance to pick up a game on the Tigers, who fell to the Red Sox at Fenway.

History shows that most, if not all, championship teams that go on to win the division, league championship or World Series, have a multitude of these comebacks during the course of the season. You know, the games that seem lost, but turn around suddenly in the late innings. It says an awful lot about a team when they are able to rebound like this. Let’s hope there are a few more in our future.

Rios plays the numbers game

Gordon Beckham said he has no real attachment to the No. 15 and would have been willing to give it up to Alex Rios, who has worn the number the past six seasons with the Blue Jays. But Rios said “it’s just a number” and has chosen to wear No. 51 for the Sox, a number he has worn in winter ball. Not that it figured into the decision-making process, but with “Beckham 15” jerseys a hot seller it’s reasonable to assume MLB marketers are happy.

Danks a lot

It was nice to see John Danks rebound last night with a terrific outing, even though his performance will be overshadowed by the Ramirez theatrics. In eight innings of work, Danks gave up the Mariners’ lone run on seven hits and struck out eight as he picked up his 10th victory of the season.

First-time struggles

Once again, the Sox struggled against a pitcher that they’ve never seen before. Doug Fister, making his first major league start, pitched six innings of shutout ball allowing only one hit.

Word to the Wise

I said in this space yesterday that Dewayne Wise was the logical choice to be moved with Rios joining the club. Well, my logic was wrong and Carlos Torres was sent down to Charlotte.

I’m a big fan of Wise because of how he has persevered throughout his career to stick in the majors with a contender, hit a postseason home run and make one of the greatest catches in the history of the game. Another decision might be made down the road that isn’t as positive for Wise, but for now I’m happy I was wrong.


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