By the time last night’s game had ended, and the Sox survived a Linebrink meltdown by squeaking out an 8-7 victory over the Royals on a clutch two-out Scott Podsednik eighth inning single, I received texts from two passionate and knowledgeable Sox fans.

One read, “Where would we be without Pods?” and the other stated, “Pods makes his case for MVP.”

As we all know, Scotty Pods was rescued from oblivion this spring after being released by the Rockies. The Sox made the move because they were simply not satisfied with their leadoff situation and Anderson, Owens and Wise in center. I think most would agree that Scotty is even better than in ’05 when he was the catalyst on a world championship team and a hero in the fall classic with his walk-off homer in Game 2 against the Astros.

Last night was just an example of what Pods has done this year. In addition to driving in that eventual game winner, he knotted the score 3-3 with a double in the fourth. It’s just been that kind of year for him.

Let’s be realistic, he won’t be the AL MVP. Not with guys like Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira’s tearing it up for the Yankees, who own the best record in the game and are hovering around 30 games over .500. Furthermore, the national press isn’t going to notice a Sox player unless he has Frank Thomas numbers. However, if you polled Sox fans most would tell you that more than any other player Pods is responsible for the club making a run at the division title.

Note of the day: Big night tonight for Freddy Garcia as he faces the Royals in his first start for the Sox since 2006. Needless to say, a solid outing would make us feel a whole lot better about the back of the rotation.                 


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