Cubs Win the World Series!

I know, yesterday’s developments in the AL Central don’t come close to something that won’t happen in our lifetime, but it was nonetheless an improbable confluence of events.

Jose Contreras gave up a run and three hits over seven innings yesterday afternoon, giving the Sox a 4-2 win over Zack Greinke and the Royals to take the series. Then, last night, Ian Snell of the Mariners bested the Tigers and 13-game winner Justin Verlander. With the surprising outcome of Contreras beating Greinke and Snell defeating Verlander, the Sox move to within two games of the lead.

Just think how different things looked after Tuesday night’s loss. Taking into consideration the Wednesday pitching matchups, a series loss to a last place team and losing another game to Detroit were staring us in the face. Loyal Sox fans were e-mailing me early yesterday about throwing in the towel.

We all know that’s simply the nature of baseball. Up one day, down the next. We shouldn’t make too much of yesterday’s victory, but we did win a game we had to win and we gained a game in the standings–much more than we expected.                                   



  1. win83ugly

    The Sox have several hitters with the ability to carry a team for a week to 10 days.

    Quentin, Konerko, Dye and Thome all fit that description.

    It’s time for one of them to flame on.

    The Tigers have played from ahead all summer — except for the day when it was tied after the Buehrle perfecto.

    Be interesting to see how the Tigers would react if they were a game or two behind.

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