The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling!

The reality is that it was one game and there is no reason the Sox can’t bounce back and succeed on this road trip to hell. But the result of last night’s 12-8 disaster in Boston certainly doesn’t help our collective spirits. It’s just not a good thing when you’re using words like “unwatchable” to describe your team’s play. And The Tigers victory over the Angels to move 3 1/2 games up makes things even worse.

Thoughts on Game 1: 

* Contreras gave us some hope in his last start, but last night’s performance was enough for Ozzie to yank him from the rotation. His body language alone told you there was something very wrong.
* So, who starts Saturday against the Yankees? The buzz is circulating around Peavy, but is he ready? Will Carlos Torres return? How about phenom Daniel Hudson and do you put him in that kind of pressure situation in his major league debut?
* As bad as Jose’s pitching was, his bobble on the David Ortiz grounder was worse. It’s a play that a youth league player has to make and the miscue opened the flood gates in the third. The Sox never recovered.
* Not everything was on the bleak side. Paulie’s three-run shot, which gave us some life in the 5th, and his two walks hopefully mean he’s getting back on track.

* Another plus was Mr. Beckham’s two-run shot that gave us an early 4-1 lead. He added another RBI later in the game, giving him 47 since his June 4 debut.

* A.J. continues his terrific season. His three hits last night brought the average up to .318.

* It’s Freddy Garcia’s turn tonight and we really need him. Can’t afford another pitching performance like last night. Freddy, take some pity on the bullpen and go deep. It’ll put less pressure on the hitters as well. Not to mention the fans.


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