What’s the Answer?

Let me be honest, I’m in a bad mood. A really bad mood.

The reality of the road trip from hell is becoming worse than my anticipation of it–which says a lot since I’ve been obsessing about this stretch of games since the schedule came out. With today’s 10-0 pounding by the Yankees, the Sox fall to 1-5 on the trip and two games under .500. Not the position you’d like to be in on August 29 with any hope of playing in October.
At this point it’s not one thing, it’s everything. That includes the team’s collective body language, which to me looks like the manager, players and coaches are as frustrated and disgruntled as I am–which is saying a great deal. And it’s not only the losing, it’s the way we’re losing. It’s like all of us are waiting for bad things to happen because past performance has conditioned us to do so.
Always one who hopes for a better day tomorrow, here’s my wish list of things we need to accomplish to leave Yankee Stadium with a victory under our belts. 
* Pods does some igniting out of the leadoff spot.
* Jermaine snaps out of it with something, anything, positive.
* Beckham gets three hits, including a double and a homer.
* Freddy goes at least six innings to give us a chance to win.
* The bullpen is effective.
* Rios gets out of my doghouse and shows some life offensively.
* Alexei goes deep with runners aboard.
Impossible? We’ll see.

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