Nagging Questions For a Holiday Weekend

1.  With his 10 homers, 52 RBI, .275 batting average and .351 on base percentage in his first 81 big league games, will Gordon Beckham be named the ’09 AL Rookie of the Year? He would be the first Sox player to achieve the honor since Ozzie in 1985.

2.   Who will we see on the mound first, Jake Peavy or young phenom Daniel Hudson, who was just promoted from Charlotte?

3.   Will Tyler Flowers be A.J.’s backup in 2010?

4.   Will this be the last season for Bobby Jenks as the Sox closer and, if so, can Matt Thornton get the job done in that role?

5.   Will Brandon Allen, the hot slugging prospect dealt to Arizona for Tony Pena, come back to haunt us?

6.   The Angels’ Chone Figgins, long coveted by the Sox, is a free agent at the end of this season. Will he finally don a Sox uniform? And what position would the versatile Figgins play in Chicago?

7.   All members of the 2005 White Sox (yes, even Damaso Marte) will always have
a special place in the Art of the Pale Hose Hall of Fame. So isn’t it disappointing that
Joe Crede may have to hang it up for good because of his recurring back problems?

8.   Will Jose Contreras get a second wind in the NL and help the Rockies to the playoffs?

9.   How much impact will Jim Thome have on the Dodgers postseason success?  

10.  Just wondering, when will we see the real Alex Rios? I can’t believe that the guy we’ve seen so far in the Sox lineup is the All-Star we saw with the Blue Jays.


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