Hip Hip Jose!

There’s no reason for any us in SoxWorld to wish Jose Contreras anything but the best as he attempts to push the Colorado Rockies into the postseason. By all accounts he is a great guy and a great teammate. And how can we ever forget what he did for the Sox in ’05.

With that in mind let’s give it up for Jose’s first National League start. All he did was give up one run, eight hits and one walk in 6 2/3 innings against the rival Diamondbacks as the Rockies remain one game ahead of the Giants in the NL Wild Card race.
A side note to Jose’s initial NL victory is that the one run he gave up was a home run off the bat of rookie Brandon Allen. Yes, the same Brandon Allen who the Sox traded earlier this season for reliever Tony Pena.

One comment

  1. buttbuttbuttbutt@butt.com

    sox world should wish jose well. however, ozzie and kenny will probably trash him to the media, each other, and whoever is listening. that’s how those scum balls roll.

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