Mr. Perfect in Winner’s Circle with 12th Win

Mark Buehrle’s eight-game winless streak came to a satisfying halt this afternoon as Mr. Perfect pitched seven solid innings in the Sox 5-1 win at the Cell, enabling the South Siders to capture the weekend series against Boston three games to one.

Labor Day proved to be lucky for for the All-Star lefty, who won his 12th of the season and notched his first victory since the July 23 perfect game. His triumph came on the strength of his own performance, Mark Kotsay’s two-RBI single and Carlos Quentin’s two-run homer.
It proved to be a rare and rather historic day for the Sox as well. It was the first time ever that they defeated Red Sox ace Josh Beckett.
Something to keep an eye on
During his one season with the SF Giants, AJ Pierzynski had some teammates who weren’t so crazy about him. One of the most vocal was pitcher Brett Tomko, the same Tomko who will be on the mound against the Sox tomorrow night as the starter for the Oakland A’s. I’m just saying…

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