It Was Over Before It Started

In September of 1962, the father of a friend of mine paid a large sum of money for what he thought was going to be a night of a lifetime. He bought a ticket to the Sonny Liston vs. Floyd Patterson heavyweight title bout at Comiskey Park.

With the start of the fight minutes away, my friend’s father went out to the men’s room. When he returned to his seat, the fight was over. Liston knocked out Patterson in two minutes and six seconds of the first round to win the heavyweight crown.

That fight was across the street at old Comiskey and not the Cell and it would be ridiculous to compare the significance of that event with last night’s Sox game. But I couldn’t help but think about my friend’s father when the A’s scored seven runs in the first two innings in the 11-3 laugher. Not good for the Sox fans on hand as well as those settling in for a night of baseball in front of their TVs, hoping their club would reach the .500 mark against one of the league’s weaker teams.

Sadly, like the fight 47 years ago, the game was over before it started.                                                                                                        


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