White Sox Miss Opportunity to Gain Ground, Beckham is Back and Former Sox Farmhand Enters Hall of Fame

It would have been nice if I could talk today about a Sox victory in Anaheim and how we picked up a game on the Tigers and Twins, who both lost on Friday night.

But I can’t.
While their two rivals went down, the South Siders were pretty much a no-show in California with a rare sub-par performance by Gavin Floyd and a measly five hits–even though one was a Jayson Nix homer. The result? A 7-1 drubbing.
To state the obvious, with the Sox six games out with 20 to go we can’t afford to squander many more opportunities to gain ground.
Beckham returns

Although he went 0 for 4 in the opener against the Angels, it was good to see Gordon Beckham back in the lineup. Hopefully he’ll stay healthy enough to have a hot couple of weeks and stay in position to be named AL Rookie of the Year.
Former Sox farmhand inducted into Hall of Fame

A former minor league outfielder in the Sox system by the name of Michael Jordan was enshrined into the Basketball Hall of Fame last night. He never made it to the bigs, much less Cooperstown, but I think we would all agree he was a pretty fair basketball player.

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