10 Questions for Kenny Williams

Word is that Kenny Williams will address the media before tonight’s game against the Twins. Despite the Sox performance on the field this season, my motto is still “In Kenny We Trust.” To me, he’s done all the right things to help the team win. Unfortunately the players didn’t keep their end of the bargain.

If I were at his press conference, here’s what I’d ask him:

* What has been your biggest disappointment?

* What will be your priorities in the offseason? Power bats? Bullpen? Upgrading the defense? And do you feel there’s a lot to do or just some significant tweaking?

* The Sox can boast about having as many “good guys” as any team in baseball. That said, without getting away from that sound philosophy is there a need to change the chemistry a bit?

* Will the bullpen be reorganized and what are the chances of Bobby Jenks being back in a Sox uniform? If not, can Matt Thornton be counted on in the closer’s role?

* Did Scotty Pods do enough in ’09 to warrant bringing him back?

* Did Jermaine Dye’s second half ensure he will be elsewhere in 2010?

* How do you explain Alex Rios’ horrendous Sox debut? Do you still have faith he’ll be the player you thought he can be?

* Are you confident that Carlos Quentin can rebound from his injuries and get back to 2008 form?

* Paul Konerko will be in the last year of his contract. Is there any chance he’ll be dealt?

*What is your assessment of Ozzie’s performance this season?

Whatever questions will be asked at the presser I think we can be sure KW will tell it like it is. He didn’t exactly have the best summer of his life.


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