The State of the White Sox: Look Ahead to 2010

As reported, Kenny Williams addressed the media yesterday. The bad news is that he underscored his earlier pronouncement that the Sox have been “underachievers” in 2009. The good news is that he’s got a plan to improve the team in 2010.

Some, like me, agree with KW that this team on paper is much better than they have performed. Others feel that it was a flawed team from the start. The bottom line is that the season has been a major disappointment after last year’s thrilling race-to-the-finish division title.

Here are Williams’ key observations from yesterday’s State of the White Sox press conference:

* More emphasis will be placed on defense. The outfield defense, in particular, will improve with Carlos Quentin returning in good health and Alex Rios manning centerfield for an entire season.

* The Sox are in need of players who have high on-base percentages and deliver more extra-base hits.

* Regarding the acquisitions of Rios, Jake Peavy and Mark Kotsay, Williams said he “would not take back in any way, shape or form.”

* He would not address whether Bobby Jenks will be in a Sox uniform next year.

* Concerning the acquisition of free agents, he said: “We were willing to go that extra mile if we have that fit for us.” But he added it might be difficult economically and the prospect of losing a high 2010 draft pick.

* Williams said he knows who’s quit and who has not, but would not mention any names.


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