WWOD (What Would Ozzie Do?)

Chicago sports certainly has experienced better times. First, the Sox and the Media Darlings from the North Side disappointed and now the loss of the 2016 Olympics. Ah, to be back in 2005 again.

The city certainly brought out the heavyweights in Copenhagen–President and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Mayor Daley and an impressive group of past U.S. Olympians. But it all went for naught. I guess we can blame it on Rio.

Perhaps the Chicago Olympic folks should have gone a different direction and asked, “What Would Ozzie Do?” and requested that the Sox skipper be part of their official contingent. I know, he needed to be in Detroit to help the Sox affect the AL Central race, but maybe Ozzie could have made a quick trip to Denmark and gotten past the staid IOC and laid in on the line for his peeps.

Who cares if he would have said some politically incorrect things and criticized the countries that the voters call home? It would have been refreshing for someone to be straight forward and honest–two traits that aren’t usually associated with the men and women of the IOC despite their lip service about Olympic ideals.

This should be a lesson for us all. For the salesman trying to sell a product, the politician trying to convince voters, the minister preaching religion to his flock or the city trying to win an Olympic bid, remember one simple thing:

Ask yourself, what would Ozzie do?


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