Those Weren’t the Twins I Know

Like most people, I’m certainly not surprised that the Yankees finished off the Twins in 1-2-3 fashion. However, for those of us who have followed Minnesota closely over the years, first under Tom Kelly and now under Ron Gardenhire, it was shocking to witness HOW the Twins lost.

The inexplicable base-running gaffes, stranded runners and bullpen woes that the Twins experienced against New York weren’t consistent with how Minnesota has succeeded season after season. It’s usually been the Twins who have taken advantage of other teams’ failures with their fundamental, grind-it-out style, especially at the Dome. Sound familiar, White Sox fans?

It’s ironic that the last game at the Twinkiedome was so un-Twin-like. After years of intimidating their foes with the loud noise, baggies and disruptive white roof, in the end the Twins and their fans got a bit of their own medicine.


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