Teahen to Sox for Getz, Fields?

It hasn’t been officially announced, but Bill Madden of the New York Daily News reported this morning that the Sox have dealt second baseman Chris Getz and third baseman/first baseman Josh Fields to the Royals for Mark Teahen.

Madden speculates that Teahen will replace Jermaine Dye in rightfield, but other possible scenarios are at play here as well. Will Gordon Beckham move to second base with Teahen settling at third? Teahen has also played second, but that seems like a longshot at this point. And if Teahen is in right and Beckham stays at third, who plays second base? Jayson Nix and Brett Lillibridge don’t seem like viable starters at this point. Or how about C.J. Retherford, just off an outstanding season at Birmingham and playing well in the Arizona Fall League. Is he ready? I guess we have to stay tuned.

One real positive is that Sox pitchers won’t be facing Teahen in the future. In 77 games, he hit .277 with 12 homers and 41 RBI against the South Siders.


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