Winter Meetings Hot Stove–Day 2

A few White Sox tidbits emerged from Day 2 in Indy.

The Sox seem hot on the trail of DH Hideki Matsui, but it doesn’t appear that anything will happen this week. As mentioned here yesterday, Ozzie wants the World Series MVP healthy enough to play some in the outfield. It looks like the Angels are our most serious competition for the lefty slugger.

Another rumor resurfaced with Coco Crisp saying he likes playing in Chicago. He could be the option at leadoff that the Sox are looking for. Health is a main concern with Crisp, who has always been a Sox-killer.

Locking up Mark Teahen to a three-year, $14 million pact, has an added benefit. Since the contract is backloaded, the Sox may have some extra moolah to help acquire Matsui or another piece to the puzzle.

The Sox also are reportedly one of the teams interested in reliever J.J. Putz, who has been outstanding in the past but had his season cut short last year with the Mets because of injury.

Hoping for some REAL Sox action today.


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