Sox Aim to Win AL Central with New and Exciting Personality

None of the offseason moves transacted by the Sox this offseason has gotten nearly as much attention as Roy Halladay, Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, Chone Figgins and John Lackey. But I have to be honest, I’m excited about what the Sox have done.

While we’ve lost some of our favorite sons in Jermaine Dye, Scott Podsednik and Jim Thome, it was really time to shake things up with some new energy. The 2010 version of the Sox is going to be exciting to watch and a much different team that we’ve seen in a while. The starting staff, led by Jake Peavy, is excellent and certainly the best in the division. The slow-footed Sox have been replaced with more speed and versatility, i.e. Juan Pierre, Mark Teahen and in-season acquisition Alex Rios. The bullpen is better with the addition of J.J. Putz and the bench is solid with Andruw Jones, Mark Kotsay and Omar Vizquel, who supposedly will all be part of the DH rotation as well.

It’s only December, but here’s a look at what the 25-man roster could look like on Opening Day:

Starting Pitching

Jake Peavy
Mark Buehrle
Gavin Floyd
John Danks
Freddy Garcia


Bobby Jenks
Matt Thornton
J.J. Putz
Tony Pena
Scott Linebrink
Randy Williams
Daniel Hudson


A.J. Pierzynski
Tyler Flowers (might start at AAA Charlotte, which means there may be a need for a backup)


Paul Konerko
Mark Kotsay (will play the outfield as well)
Gordon Beckham
Alexei Ramirez
Omar Vizquel
Jayson Nix
Mark Teahen


Juan Pierre
Alex Rios
Carlos Quentin
Andrew Jones

Time will tell whether or not it all comes together, but it’s a few days before Christmas and I’m predicting an AL Central crown in 2010.


One comment

  1. uturned

    I have to say that I love the look of that lineup. i’m wondering if there is room to get Jordan Danks on that roster. It’s guys like that, including Tyler Flowers, that it will be interesting to see if they make the jump to reserve roles at the major league level, of if the Sox decide to leave them down at AAA so they get to play everyday.

    How much longer is AJ under contract? Depending on that answer, it may determine if Tyler Flowers is going to be able to come up to the bigs, and learn from AJ or if he needs to get more playing time so that he is ready to take the full time position at catcher when AJ’s contract is up. Any thoughts????

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