Sox-wise and Otherwise…Happy New Year!

My weekly offseason musings about the White Sox and more…

Good Vibes for 2010

I’m ending my year of blogging the same way I started in July–in glass half-full mode. The way I look at it, it doesn’t do any good to be cynical when you put so much of yourself in rooting for YOUR team. Do I get cranky? Sure. Do I agree with all the moves? No. But, all in all, the glass half-full approach has worked for me for nearly 60 years as a Sox fan and I’m not going to stop now.

Whether you’re upbeat, cynical or cautious, the reality is that we have a lot to look forward to in 2010. It’s the best starting staff in the division and one of the best in baseball, a revamped lineup with more speed, depth and versatility and an improved bullpen. And I’m sure there is a surprising tweak or two up Kenny Williams’ sleeve.

Loyal Following

I’m so appreciative of those who have taken time to follow Art of the Pale Hose and hope you’ll continue to do so. I’m not aware of everyone, but here’s to a few great old friends and a few new blogging buddies who have weighed in: Jeff Weiss, Stu Wade, Paul Jensen, Tim Clodjeaux, Tom Merritt, Rick Bozich, Todd Weiss, Gary Marks, Aimee Crawford, Kevin Sullivan, Tim Gardner, Tom Meehan, Mike Griffin, Sid Skolnik, Lee Weiss, myturntoblog, bklyntrolleyblogger, angels012, rays renegade and e-zmac71. I’m especially indebted to Sox communications chief Scott Reifert–a blogging pioneer and author of Inside the White Sox on–for his friendship, kindnesses over the years and for his support of my blog.

On the Mend

Another Sox fan who certainly would be a frequent reader is my dad, Seymour Berke. Unfortunately his sight isn’t what it used to be so I relay the Sox news of the day to him over the phone. He still has to endure dialysis three times a week, but is now out of rehab and back in his familiar recliner waiting for pitchers and catchers.


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