Sox-wise and Otherwise

My weekly offseason musings about the White Sox and more…

dayan-viciedo.jpgDayan Viciedo Update

Some interesting tidbits were revealed today about Dayan Viciedo (above), the promising Cuban import. According to an interview’s Scott Merkin did with Sox minor league boss Buddy Bell, Viciedo’s conditioning is going well and he will play both first and third this season probably starting at AAA Charlotte. Bell thinks Dayan will be ready for the majors offensively some time in 2010. He adds that his footwork may not be good enough to play third, but Viciedo has great hands and is adaptable as anyone in the system.

jared-mitchell.jpgJared Mitchell: A Star in the Making

Merkin also spoke to Bell about our 2009 draft choice, Jared Mitchell (above) out of
LSU. An outfielder who seems destined for the leadoff spot, Bell says of Mitchell:
“He’s freaky fast, strong and very athletic. He’s a very intelligent kid. Very coachable.” It seems Mitchell will be brought around slower than most No. 1 picks because of his limited baseball experience as he played both baseball and football in college. Mitchell fared very well at Class A Kannapolis last summer in his first taste of pro ball.

Frank-ly Speaking

I have huge issues with the manner in which the Baseball Writers’ Association of
America handles the voting, whether it’s for the Hall of Fame or yearly awards like the MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year. For example, how can Gordon Beckham finish
first in two player votes for AL rookie honors and finish fifth in the writers’ vote? Ridiculous.

A key matter these days in the Hall of Fame voting is the DH issue. Some feel it
should be considered in the manner of any other position. Some feel that the fact a
player doesn’t play the field should be held against them–there’s no doubt it has hurt Sox legend Harold Baines and certainly hurt Edgar Martinez in his first year on the ballot. For the record, I’m firmly in the camp of the former.

While we have a few years to obsess about it, I’ll be furious if the discrimination
against the DH affects Frank Thomas‘ candidacy when he is eligible. Frank’s record speaks for  itself, not to mention that he was the greatest hitter in White Sox history.

2005_12_sports_frank_thomas.jpgHot Stove Talk

Where else in Manhattan would the names Juan Pizarro, Francisco Barrios and Buddy
Bradford be brought up other than a lunch reunion of three huge White Sox fans? Sox talk ruled the day yesterday as my friends Kevin “Sully” Sullivan, PR consultant and former White House communications director, and Tom Merritt, the creator of the board game Box Score, and I broke bread at Emmett O’Lunney’s Irish Pub. Suffice it to say that we’re all very positive about 2010.                       


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