Scotty Pods Close to Joining the Royals; Sox ’05 Series Hero Will Join a Familiar Cast of Characters

Word out of Kansas City is that 2005 World Series hero Scott Podsednik is on his way to the Royals.

It’s going to be old home week when the Sox play their KC counterparts this summer with Pods, Chris Getz, Josh Fields and Brian Anderson all changing from silver and black to royal blue uniforms during the offseason.

By the way Pods, we’ll never forget you.




  1. tc1980

    Pods, indeed, will never be forgotten.

    After all, he authored the most significant White Sox home run I have ever witnessed in person.

    Too bad he will be in our division because that means I have to root against him about 18 times this summer.

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    It IS a shame he’s not a ChiSox anymore. It’s a shame anytime a fan base looses a guy like him. I think Juan Pierre, quietly will be one of the best aquisitions of the winter. I think you got your lead-off man Ozzie will like. I think he can return well on the Sox’s investment.

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