Ozzie’s Final Word: No Thome (and I, For One,  Agree)

clip_image007.jpgAs has been well-chronicled, Kenny Williams allowed Ozzie Guillen to make the decision on whether or not to keep Jim Thome. After a SoxFest weekend where fans lobbied for the popular slugger and rumors of the Twins’ and Rays’ interest in Thome abounded, Ozzie still came to the conclusion that the Sox should move on without him.

Personally, I think it’s the right call. Granted, that means we go into 2010 without Thome AND Jermaine Dye. It’s also a fact that while Andruw Jones, Omar Vizquel and Mark Kotsay provide solid bench strength, there is no guarantee that they will be a championship caliber DH rotation. Despite those questions, I’m convinced it’s just time for Thome to go with the Sox changing their persona to more of a speed-oriented and versatile ballclub.

Thome leaves the Sox with a legacy of class and leadership. And we certainly will never forget his dramatic 500th home run, the monumental blast against the Twins in 2008 that propelled us in the playoffs and many other on-field heroics. But after last year’s disappointing season change is needed and while time will tell if it’s the right call, Thome is a victim of that change. 

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