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Twins sign Hudson

I still believe the Sox are the team to beat in the AL Central (remember, pitching, pitching, pitching), but the Twins’ signing of four-time All-Star Orlando Hudson is not the news I wanted to hear. I’m not worried about Jim Thome and how he will impact the divisonal race, but Hudson is a different story. Hitting No. 2 behind Denard Span and in front of Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau is a pretty formidable top of the lineup. Oh well, did we really think the Twins weren’t going to pose a threat even without Hudson?

Looking at the bright side, I don’t think any Sox fan would take Hudson over our new second baseman.


Three loyal Sox fans, my friends Kevin Sullivan, Tim Clodjeaux and Paul Jensen, are pretty perfect except for one thing: they have ties to P.U., Purdue University. And they are all happy this morning after the Boilermakers’ narrow win over my alma mater Indiana last night–their first win in Bloomington since 1999. Congrats guys. Celebrate now, because the Hoosiers are definitely on their way back.

indiana-university-basketball-m-basketball-national-championship-banners-ind-mbk-x-00025lg.jpgSuper Bowl Prediction

I really haven’t been a passionate football fan since rooting for the Bears in the days of 

Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus, but I follow college and pro ball like everyone else. And 
like everyone else, I’ll make a Super Bowl prediction. While I’ll be rooting for the Saints 
for sentimental reasons, here’s my two cents: Indianapolis 38, New Orleans 31.



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  1. tc1980

    Thanks for the kind words Art. But you really have nothing to worry about. Your diploma from the Music School Near Martinsville might have some value someday!!!!

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