Bobby Jenks’ “Lifestyle” Change Can Only Be a Positive for the White Sox

Joe Namath has been quoted as saying, and I paraphrase, that anytime something bad happened in his life, alcohol was involved.

So, using that as an example, it was refreshing news that Sox closer Bobby Jenks not only came to camp about 25 pounds lighter, but that he’s given up drinking “cold turkey” as well. By Jenks’ own admission, the alcohol was contributing to him heading in the wrong direction.

It goes without saying that a fit, focused Jenks along with a rejuvenated J.J. Putz and Matt Thornton gives the Sox a back end of a bullpen that is among the very elite. Combine that with one of the top starting staffs in baseball and pitching is without question the club’s strength.

Under any circumstances, Jenks is a key to the entire staff and his newly-found discipline can only mean good things for the Sox.

52357441.jpg                                Putz and Jenks: Two Keys to the Sox Success


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