Twittergate, Spring Fever and the Sun-Times White Sox Top 50


Tweet, tweet

Twittergate, Ozzie-style, emerged as a major story this week. The Sox skipper on Twitter could be a lot of fun. On the other hand, it could prove to be a distraction none of us want. My guess is that it won’t amount to much. The Sox are used to OzzieWorld and I can’t see this being more of a problem than all those issues in the past.
Smile and the world smiles with you

I know it’s spring training when everyone across Arizona and Florida talks in the most positive of tones–and I’m the first to drink the Kool-Aid. I just want to believe that every Sox player will have a good year and the Sox will run away with the AL Central. I go into every season thinking the same thing–because that’s what spring fever is all about.
So in the spirit of where I’m coming from, I was heartened to watch videos this week of Carlos Quentin, Alex Rios and Andruw Jones (pictured above). CQ actually smiled and talked of staying healthy. Rios said that instead of having to answer questions about a subpar season, next spring he’ll be talking to reporters about what a great season he had in 2010. Jones looked like the star who played for the Braves as opposed to the overweight disappointment with the Dodgers and Rangers.
I’m a sucker for this stuff.
The Top 50

I think my head would explode if I sat down and tried to rank, in order, the Top 50 White Sox of all time. But the staff at the Chicago Sun-Times had the courage and patience to do this that. Just in case you missed it, here’s the list:
1.  Frank Thomas;  2. Luke Appling;  3. Eddie Collins;
4.  Nellie Fox;  5. Joe Jackson; 6. Dick Allen;
7.  Luis Aparicio; 8. Ed Walsh; 9. Minnie Minoso;
10. Ted Lyons; 11. Paul Konerko; 12. Harold Baines; 
13. Ed Cicotte; 14. Red Faber; 15. Robin Ventura;
16. Magglio Ordonez; 17. Carlton Fisk; 18. Buck Weaver;
19. Billy Pierce; 20. Mark Buehrle; 21. Ray Schalk;
22. Sherm Lollar; 23. Wilbur Wood; 24. Doc White; 
25. Gary Peters; 26. Bibb Falk; 27. Jermaine Dye;
28. Lefty Williams; 29. Jack McDowell; 30. Happy Felsch;
31. Zeke Bonura; 32. Hoyt Wilhelm; 33. Jim Landis;
34. Johnny Mostil; 35. Joel Horlen; 36. Bill Melton;
37. George Davis; 38. Nick Altrock; 39. Bobby Thigpen;
40. Jim Thome; 41. Ozzie Guillen;  42. Bobby Jenks; 
43. Chico Carrasquel; 44. Lamarr Hoyt; 45. Early Wynn;
46. Roberto Hernandez; 47. Willie Kamm; 48. Joe Crede;
49. A.J. Pierzynski; 50. Ray Durham.

A favorite of mine, Minoso ranks No. 9 on the list–the same digit as his retired White Sox uniform number.

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