Sign of the Times: Twitter the Cause of Sox-Guillen Flap

guillen-large.jpgGLENDALE, AZ — It had to happen sooner or later. In this day and age of tweeting, Facebook and non-stop blogging, you knew something would occur that ultimately reached an inexplicable and outrageous level.
It’s certainly not the first time the downside of Twitter has reared its ugly head in sports, but in the case of the White Sox v. Oney Guillen, the middle son of Ozzie, it’s reached a new plateau.
The facts:
* Oney resigned from the Sox scouting department yesterday after being asked to tone down or stop his controversial tweeting. This came on the heels of the club kiboshing the idea of a Guillen website.
* Ozzie atypically refused to speak to the media after the Sox-Cubs game yesterday, presumably as a result of the Twitter matter. To his credit, the skipper later apologized via Twitter (what else?).
Will the Ozzie-Kenny Williams relationship be permanently affected? Will Ozzie choose family over the Sox? The end-game is anybody’s guess.
Speaking only for this Sox fan, I echo Kenny Williams’ comment a few days ago when he addressed the Sox and social media.
“All I care about is players playing, coaches coaching and managers managing.”
Sox notes of note:  A record Cactus League crowd of 13, 413 watched the Cubs defeat the Sox, 8-4, at Camelback Ranch yesterday. The only real Pale Hose positives to report are A.J. Pierzynski‘s three hits, Juan Pierre’s two walks and two runs scored, Mark Kotsay‘s two hits and Matt Thornton‘s one scoreless inning. On the flip side, J.J. Putz and Scott LInebrink were both tagged for homers and the Sox loaded the bases with no outs twice and scored just a single run…This is unfortunately my final day of spring training. Because I’ll be in the air most of the day, I won’t post tomorrow. A spring training review will appear on Monday.

One comment

  1. Joe P.

    I chose to believe that this twitter imbroglio is the product of an otherwise quiet camp, and that it will blow over as soon as the season starts.

    The only thing that concerns me coming out of Arizona right now is the condition of Bobby Jenks. He was scratched from action yesterday. As Farmio said during the radio broadcast, Jenks needs to be getting himself ready for the regular season right now, not nursing an injured calf.

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