It’s Ozzie Time…Just Sit Back and Enjoy

As the White Sox close out spring training and zero in on Monday’s opener, our Ozzie is in rare form. Thanks to Mark Gonzales in today’s Chicago Tribune, we are able to enjoy the wit and wisdom of our favorite manager:

*  “A lot of people hate me. I want them to hate my team, too. Because we want to kick some (butts). Nobody hates anybody when you’re horse(bleep). When you’re horse(bleep), nobody cares about you. When you’re good, that’s the people you want to beat, the people you hate the most. It’s so many many things. People give people attention when they have success…that’s what I want. I want every day to show up and kick people’s (butts). Show every day we’re ready to fight.”

*  “…You don’t win championships in the Cactus League or Grapefruit League. But I love the way they (the Sox) play. The guys are playing the basics very well as a unit this spring. I’m very excited about it. I never was before.”

*  “When we lose, I don’t even like my kids or my wife. That’s how bad it is. When we win, I love everyone–even my worst enemy. I love them because I’m happy. As long as we’re winning, everything is good. Even the worst (bleeping) guy I wish would die. I feel good for him. That’s what we’re here for–winning.”

Ozzie-Guillen.jpg                   Just think how boring it would be if Ozzie were ever muzzled

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