The Peavy Factor

53057058.jpgI’m certainly not the first to write this and I won’t be the last, but I can’t help thinking what a bonus it is to have Jake Peavy in a White Sox uniform. Apart from his wins, strikeouts and innings pitched, his demeanor and competitive nature will undoubtedly rub off on the rest of team–especially guys Like Gavin Floyd and John Danks. And to have Peavy AND Mark Buehrle at the top of the rotation can only be a good thing.

From all accounts, Peavy is strictly business on the mound and a consummate team player. As recently as this spring Peavy avoided a potential controversy by not only saying that Buehrle deserved the Opening Day start, he even pushed for it.

“Mark is really deserving of that start,” said the former Cy Young Award winner with San Diego. “That’s also a good message to send to this clubhouse, to our fans, even Mark. We are saying ‘Hey listen, we have a couple of No. 1 starters here, so run them all out there.’ From 1-5, we are as good or as solid as anyone in the game. It’s something I truly believe.”

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