Buehrle Joins Iguchi and Wise on Mount Rushmore of White Sox Web Gems

As satisfying as it was to watch the White Sox blank the Tribe 6-0 in today’s opener at The Cell, the impressive victory has already been cast aside as an afterthought to Mark Buehrle‘s mind-boggling play to retire Cleveland catcher Lou Marson. It was even more remarkable than Buehrle’s seven shutout innings and Paul Konerko‘s two-run homer in the first which gave the Sox the lead for good.

Here’s what happened. The Sox were leading 4-0 in the fifth inning with one away when Marson struck Buehrle’s foot with a smash back to the mound. Buehrle went after the ball, which went foul, tossed the ball with his glove between his legs and Konerko caught it with his bare hand. My description doesn’t do the play justice–nor does the photo below. You had to see it to believe it. 
Buehrle’s effort brought to mind that Sox fans have now witnessed arguably three of the most astonishing defensive plays in baseball history.
Remember this gem by Tadahito Iguchi in April of 2006? Priceless.
And, of course, DeWayne Wise‘s Perfect Game-saving catch last July…
Note of the day: Five years ago, Buehrle faced Jake Westbrook on Opening Day with Buehrle also getting the win on a shutout (1-0). As we know, the Sox went on to win the World Series. I’m just saying…
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