Sox Counting on Floyd to Help Good Guys Win Opening Series

I know that the Sox weren’t going to go 162-0, but last night’s 5-3 loss to the Tribe was a disappointment. With Jake Peavy on the mound and the momentum from Opening Day I had already chalked up a victory in my head. Lesson learned for the millionth time–nothing in baseball is set in stone.

While Peavy was far from his best, I’m not at all discouraged. He’s an intense competitor with great stuff and I love having him. And he wasn’t the only culprit. You’re not going to win many games with two hits.
On the bright side, Paul Konerko is off to a hot start with two two-run homers and five RBIs. Paulie being in the last year of his contract may be a great benefit to the Sox offense.
Tonight is the rubber game against Cleveland with Gavin Floyd going against Justin Masterston. The best part of the 2010 Sox is that they run out an outstanding starter every night so we’ve got a fighting chance every day. But remember, in baseball nothing is set in stone.
                                             Next up for the Sox: Gavin Floyd

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