I Couldn’t Say It Any Better…

After witnessing today’s 3-2 loss to the rebuilding Tribe, I couldn’t help but think of the quote below from legendary humorist and White Sox fan Jean Shepherd. Watching the Sox score three runs or less in eight of their first 12 games, I’m simply running out of ways to describe the South Siders’ disappointing 4-8 start–so I’ll let the late Shepherd’s words do it for me.

”If I was going to storm a pillbox, going to sheer, utter, certain death, and the colonel said, ‘Shepherd, pick six guys,’ I’d pick White Sox fans because they have known death every day of their lives and it holds no terror for them.”
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One comment

  1. melton_d@bellsouth.net

    Couldn’t have said it better, this season has gotten off to a brutal start to say the least, now today’s games, 7 runs…ouch!! Well lets just hope the bats start to warm up before we are buried in too deep of hole!!!

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