What’s as Painful as the Sox Getting Off to a Bad Start?

Question: What are some things that are as painful as watching the White Sox start the season 4-9 and lose five of their first games to the Indians–including a three-game sweep this weekend?
Answer:  A needle in your eye. A slap in the face. Getting run over by a bus. A hit in the groin. A migraine headache. Experiencing gout. Having your hair set on fire. Hiccups for two straight days. Your finger getting smashed in a car door. Blowing out your knee. A cankor sore. Told by your significant other that he/she just wants to be friends. A visit from your mother-in-law. 

Seems about the same to me.

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One comment

  1. raysfanboy

    Tough start. But you know your team is better than 4-9. Same way I know my team has alot of work to do to earn their 10-3 record status. Right now your boys are knocking my Rays around the Cell, playing pepper with the outfield wall. I’m hoping that Price can start shutting your guys down before those balls start flying over the fence.


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