I Shall Return

Like Gordon Beckham, I’ve been pressing. It could be that I’ve just been trying too hard to root the Sox on to something resembling a winning streak. Between you and me it’s gotten to the point where I’d actually kill for two in a row.
So, while I’ll still be watching virtually every game as I have my whole life, I’m going to take a mental break, a la GBeck, from the blog–especially after last night’s 12-inning heartbreaking loss to Toronto. I’ll return when I feel I can avoid repeating myself on what feels like a daily basis about the woeful offense and inconsistent pitching. It’s wearing me out. I care too much to revisit the Sox failures when it happens so often.
It’s not disloyalty, it’s self preservation. 
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  1. gmarks13@yahoo.com

    It’s getting so hard to watch I actually watched the Blackhawks last night! Like I stated before, the problem with small ball is the other team has to play smaller!

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