Happy Birthday to Carlos May, Sox All-Star and Answer to One of Baseball’s Most Fascinating Trivia Questions

1972 Carlos May.JPG

Carlos May, who played for the White Sox from 1968-1976, had a productive 10-year major league career. He was The Sporting News‘ Rookie of the Year, made two All-Star teams, hit .308 in 1972, posted a .274 lifetime BA and played in the 1976 World Series with the Yankees. That said, May’s career could have been much brighter if he hadn’t blown off his thumb in a 1969 accident while serving in the Marine Reserves.
Carlos, the younger brother of former major league star Lee May, is also known as the answer to a priceless trivia question: 
Who is the only professional athlete to wear his birthday on the back of his uniform? Yep, it’s Carlos, who donned May 17 on the back of his Sox uniform. 
Happy 62nd Birthday, Carlos.  
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  1. Joe P.

    We won, Art! We won! And some of our quieter offensive players looked good. It’s only May, and we are out of the lead by less than 10. I continue to believe that we can turn this around!

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