Captain Konerko Speaks

52963577.jpgAfter another disappointing loss, 3-1 to the Tribe last night, Sox captain Paul Konerko tried to explain the club’s continuing woes. So Paulie, what’s the problem?
“I don’t know, I’m like everybody else around here, you’re kind of out of answers,” he told reporters. “You can keep an eye on it. Are guys hustling? Are guys fighting as hard as they can? And all of that’s there. After that I don’t know. If anybody else has answers, come forward and let us know.”
Don’t look at me. I’m as flummoxed as he is.
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One comment

  1. raysfanboy

    I’m confused about your Sox. Very surprised to look at the standings and see your guys so far below .500. I do not like the Sox, but I have respect for Konerko. And hopefully (for you) he can get a fire lit under their butts and get them playing some good ball. Otherwise Ozzie might be leaving soon.

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