White Sox Win Series at Wrigley, Go for Sweep and 5th Triumph in a Row on Sunday Night

cubs fan crying.jpg
It was a sight to behold–and I’m not referring to the young woman above. I’m talking about Mark Buehrle returning as the Buehrle we know and love and Paul Konerko continuing his red-hot hitting by driving in both runs today in the 2-1 White Sox victory at Wrigley against the North Side Media Darlings. With a sweep in their sights, the South Siders enter tomorrow’s finale with the series already won.
Buehrle, in winning his fourth game of the year, pitched 6 2/3 scoreless innings while scattering eight hits with seven strikeouts and no walks. The most impressive part of his performance was his ability to get out of jam after jam.
Following yesterday’s 2 for 5, two RBI day, Paulie was 3 for 4 today with the pair of runs batted in. He raised his BA to .296 and increased his RBI total to 46.
We can’t help but be encouraged with the streak now at four and the last two victories against you know who.
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